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Triggertrap Mobile Review
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Triggertrap Mobile Review

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Triggertrap Mobile Review

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Rarely does a camera accessory come along that is not only very affordable, but is also extremely flexible.  The Triggertrap Mobile is just such a device!  The Triggertrap Mobile is the brainchild of Mr. Photocritic, Haje Jan Kamps when he was developing the Full Triggertrap module which was funded by photographers via Kickstarter.  He came up with the idea of using mobile phones to perform some of the same functions of the full Triggertrap device and even added some that are unique to the mobile system.  In addition, as of December of 2012, he decided to make the IOS and Android apps entirely free!

In order to use the app, the photographer does need to purchase a “dongle” which consists of two parts:  the first isolates the camera and the mobile device electrically, and the second is a cable that connects to the remote switch input on the desired camera.  Currently over 280 cameras are supported and the dongle/cable combination is only $29.95!

The app and cable combo turn your mobile device (be it a mobile phone, iPad, or Touch) into an event-driven triggering system that can trigger your camera based upon specific external events.  The following is a list of the flexibility of the system (depending upon the capabilities of your particular phone/tablet):

  • time-lapse Mode
  • TimeWarp™ Mode
  • Sound sensor Mode
  • Shock & Vibration sensor Mode
  • Metal & magnetism sensor Mode
  • Facial recognition Mode
  • LE HDR Mode
  • LE HDR time-lapse Mode
  • DistanceLapse™ Mode
  • Motion detection Mode
  • Cable Release Mode
  • Star trail Mode
  • Bulb Ramping Time lapse
  • Wi-Fi Slave Mode
  • Wi-Fi Master Mode (trigger other devices running Triggertrap Mobile
  • Sunset & Sunrise Calculator
  • Lag-o-Meter

All those features for only $29.95!!

What Does the Triggertrap Mobile Do?

Let me go over a few of the capabilities of the Triggertrap Mobile.  The Triggertrap Mobile can be quickly set up to capture a time-lapse sequence, but if your mobile device has a GPS, it can also be set to trigger the camera based upon distance traveled instead of time that passes.  This can produce some amazing non-stop time-lapse sequence out of a car window, etc.  Another timelapse feature is called Timewarp which allows the photographer to change the time sequence between capture frames to speed up or slow down the time-lapse sequence as it is being captured.  The Triggertrap can also do bulb ramping in order to capture the change of light levels during sunrises and sunsets.

In addition to time-lapse, the Triggertrap Mobile may also be used to trigger the camera based upon external events such as movement of the device (and the sensitivity of movement to trigger the camera is adjustable!),  it can also trigger the camera based upon background motion by comparing a captured still image to the live background (assuming your mobile device has a built-in camera!),  it can also trigger the camera based upon facial recognition (also assuming a built-in camera).  All of these modes are easily set and are have fully adjustable parameters.

The Triggertrap Mobile can be easily set to capture multiple exposure for HDR processing, including HDR time-lapse sequences!

If that wasn’t all, the app now has wi-fi capability that allows two mobile devices to communicate with each other to provide the triggering mechanism to fire your camera remotely.  In fact, you don’t need an external camera as Triggertrap Mobile will even work with the camera built into your mobile device!

Haje has been a guest on The Fotobug podcast Episode 41  and Episode 55 which I recommend you listen to!  You can download the mobile apps from the Google App Play Store (for Android devices) and from iTunes for Apple IOS devices.   The dongle and cables can be ordered directly from www.triggertrap.com and are also available at Amazon.com.  Check ‘em out and say “hello” to Haje for me!

Bottom Line…

While the Triggertrap Mobile is not capable of capturing high-speed events such as speeding bullets like its big brother, The Triggertrap, you really can’t beat the flexibility it provides for the small amount of money it costs.  Not to mention it currently support over 300 different camera models!  Highly recommended!!


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  1. I love this gadget! It’s easy to use and inexpensive. The mobile dongle will not cost you an arm and a leg. The fact that the Android or iPhone/iPad app is free makes it an even sweeter deal!

    Fred Rodgers, 11 years ago Reply

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