I recently saw an article on a new technique in photography called timestacks.  This is basically a timelapse sequence in which the objects grow into their changes instead of just movement.  It has to be seen to be understood!  In addition, the final versions of the images have been used for interesting still images that resemble paintings.  I have used this technique for star trail videos to have the stars grow into their streaks, but never attempted it on a landscape!

Since I’ve had a lot of interest in my ‘stacked’ timelapse photos lately, and a lot of people asking how to do it, I thought I’d make a video that shows another perspective of how they work. You start with the first photo from the timelapse as normal, then add the rest of the photos to the first with the ‘lighten’ blending mode featured in a few of Adobe’s programs

I imagine we will be seeing more interesting images done with this technique.

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