Fotobug Shootout


We originally did this intro for a “shootout” for HDR programs and have since used it to promote The Black Hills Shootout workshop held in September each year in South Dakota.  We hope you enjoy this funny video!  Since then we have used the video a number of times on our podcast and it has been quite popular.  Would you believe it was all produced in Jim’s backyard in Florida?

This video has been featured several times on The Fotobug!


  1. Nice video i went to tms and i ur best techer

    Brandon Hibbs, 8 years ago Reply

    • Hey Brandon… Glad you liked the video. Are you doing much with music and your DAW setup these days?

      Fred, 7 years ago Reply

  2. I also went to tms and you we’re my favorite teacher and you taught me a lot about computers and programming with scratch. :~)

    Adam Bieniak, 8 years ago Reply

    • Hi Adam. Thanks for the kind words. What interesting thinks are you up to with your computer?

      Fred, 7 years ago Reply

      • Currently working with FL studio music software to produce music, and trying to learn how to code and program in the future.

        Adam Bieniak, 6 years ago Reply

  3. I just saw this video. You are great. I have learned a lot from you too Jim. Your understanding of composing images had taught me alot thanks! the video is fun. Congradulations!

    Meli Seval, 6 years ago Reply

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