Clyde Butcher – Searching for the Gumbo Limbo

From one of our favorite Florida photographers: Clyde Butcher!

A while back Scott & Conny were hiking in the back swamp of our property and came across a beautiful Gumbo Limbo tree. Scott told me I should see it because it might make a beautiful photograph. And so, off into the swamp Niki & I went with Scott & Conny. As we were making our way into the bush we heard a shout out, and guess who showed up? John Kalafarski! We all had a great time out there pretending we weren’t lost 🙂 . Once you find something in the swamp it’s easy to loose it again unless you have a GPS, which we never carry, nor does Scott or Conny. It made for a fun trip. Saw lots of swamp I’ve never seen and even found the Gumbo Limbo tree for me to photograph!

Clyde is one of America’s greatest living photographers and is also Mr. Everglades.

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