5D MKIII Autofocusing Options

Recently one of our viewers asked for information about focusing options for the new Canon 5D MKIII.  I have this camera myself and it contains the same focus electronics as its big brother, the Canon 1Dx.  It simply lacks the additional processing chip, but has a complex range of focus options that can be selected for most any given photographic situation.  This video demonstrates one groups opinions on optimizing the focus selections.

This is episode six of our geeking out on gear series. This time we discuss the Canon 5D Mark III (3) Auto Focusing Options and Point Selections.

Feel free to ask questions here – everything in the video is simply from our own impressions & opinions.

This video was recorded with a 5d3.

– Anna and Spencer

Enjoy and please post any questions or comments below the video!  If you have a better explanation for selecting focus options, or have found another video, please let us know!


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